15 PUBG Mobile Tips to Get Chicken Dinner

  1. PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks:
  2. Game Settings
  3. Landing Spots
  4. Positioning in the Final Moments
  5. Miscellaneous PUBG Tricks
  6. Game Settings

Before even getting into a game, there are a couple of settings you ought to double-check, and modify in order to get a higher performance, and to make it simpler to rating kills.

  1. Select Third Person View or First Person View
    Choose between 0.33 man or woman view, and first character view. PUBG Mobile’s brand new replace has added the capacity for gamers to pick out between first man or woman view and 0.33 individual view. Before you begin the game, you can faucet on the recreation mode button simply under ‘Start’ and pick out between ‘TPP’ (third person), or ‘FPP’ (first person).
  2. Adjust Graphics Quality
    Adjust the snap shots fantastic in accordance to your phone’s capabilities. PUBG Mobile does this automatically, however if you sense like your sport is lagging or shedding frames, you can decrease it further, and vice-versa. A greater images first-class placing will sincerely make it simpler to spot different enemies, however if your cellphone starts offevolved lagging or losing frame, make the trade-off and decide for a greater frame-rate instead.
  3. Turn on Peek and Fire
    In Settings (the settings cog on the top-right), go to Basic. Here, flip on ‘Peek & Fire.’ This permits you to peek from at the back of cover, permitting you to take pictures besides exposing too a good deal of yourself. Keep in mind, you’ll nonetheless expose your head, so use it with caution.
  4. Use Gyroscope for Aiming Down Sights
    PUBG Mobile brings the potential to use your smartphone’s gyroscope to aim. This can be fairly useful when aiming down sights, or when you’re scoped in given that you’ll be capable to go your telephone to purpose at enemies as an alternative of having to contact and drag on the screen. To allow gyroscope, clearly head into Settings and then Basic.
  5. Check if Aim Assist is On
    Check that ‘Aim Assist’ is grew to become on for less complicated aiming. Aim help is required on a touchscreen smartphone (usually) due to the fact aiming on a touchscreen isn’t almost as correct as aiming with a mouse is. A spot-on goal will assist you take out enemies faster and will additionally assist in close-quarter-gunfights.
  6. Enable The Left Side Fire Button
    In Settings -> Basic, allow the ‘left-side fire’ button to effortlessly shoot with the left hand whilst aiming with the right. This is very reachable in scoped shots. Without the left-side furnace button, you’ll locate your self aiming and capturing with the equal hand, which, trust me, is truly difficult.
  7. Enable Auto-open Doors
    Also interior Settings -> Basic allow ‘Auto open doors’ to shortly get internal constructions except having to continuously faucet the door button. Do be aware that you’ll have to faucet the button to shut the door.
  8. Adjust the Size and Position of Controls:
    Head over to Settings -> Controls -> Customize, and regulate the dimension and function of controls in accordance to your needs. For example, I’ve made the grenade button a little large to make it less complicated to tap, and I’ve shifted the left facet hearth button to the place my left-thumb naturally lands, so I can shoot even faster.
  9. Turn on Auto-adjust Graphics
    In Settings -> Graphics, you can additionally flip on ‘Auto regulate graphics’ to make certain a regular frame-rate whilst playing. This essentially skill that if your cellphone begins over-heating, or if the battery receives low, PUBG Mobile will robotically regulate the images first-rate to compensate for it.

Landing Spots
Choosing the best touchdown spot is very important. The preference of touchdown spot will rely on whether or not you’re relaxed with gunfights and are searching to get the great loot, or whether or not you’re planning on taking part in stealthily, and meet much less players.

Best Landing Spots in Miramar

If you’re new to taking part in on the desolate tract map ‘Miramar,’ you may be looking to discover out what the exceptional locations to land in are. Well, Miramar has a bunch of locations you can land in to get the fantastic loot. However, every of these locations come with a positive diploma of risk, so make certain you’re equipped for gunfights.

  1. Most loot, very excessive risk:
    Hacienda del Patron (just above San Martin in the center of the map)
    Pecado (slightly to the south-west of San Martin, between Power Grid and Graveyard)
  2. More loot, excessive risk:
    Prison (on the south-west aspect of the map, on the very corner)
    Campo Militar (on the north-east nook of the map)
  3. Good loot, low risk:
    Minas Generales (to the south west of San Martin)

Best Landing Spots in Erangel

  1. Most loot, very excessive risk:
    Military Base (South of the map)
    Prison (East area of the map)
    Mansion (Just above the Prison)
    Mylta Power (South-east of the Prison)
  2. More loot, decrease risk
    School (Middle of the map, however frequently dangerous)
    Severny (North of the map)
    Pochinki (Middle of the map)
  3. Decent loot, very low risk
    Bunkers close to ‘Shelter’ — my non-public favored vicinity to land.
    Positioning In the Final Moments
    When you’re close to that poultry dinner, the circle is typically extraordinarily small, and one mistake should ship you returned to the lobby.
  4. Play on the Edge
    If you have a 4x or 8x scope, function your self on the area of the play area the place the blue circle is the nearest to the white. This will provide you a entire view of the play zone, whilst vastly decreasing the possibilities that a participant would possibly be coming from in the back of you.
  5. individual and they haven’t noticed
    If you spot any individual and they haven’t noticed you, solely take the shot if a kill is guaranteed, in any other case you’ll simply stop up giving away your position. Since you’ve noticed them, you have enough time to take the best shot — intention for the head, and shoot in bursts till the participant is dead.
  6. Don’t Go in Guns Blazing
    If solely two different human beings are left alive, hold hidden and let them combat it out, and then kill the last one player.

Miscellaneous PUBG Tips and Tricks

  1. Turn off Mission Impossible Background Music
    PUBG lately teamed up with Mission Impossible: Fallout to carry MI themed missions to the game, alongside with the Mission Impossible theme track in the background. While some human beings may additionally love the new historical past music, if you’re no longer specifically a fan of it you can flip it off with the aid of heading into Settings and going to Audio. You’ll locate the choice to disable the Mission Impossible ‘BGM’ here.
  2. Change Quick Chat Messages
    Quick chat is a very beneficial device in squad games, specifically if used correctly. While the default rapid chat messages in PUBG Mobile are exceptionally good, you may also desire to exchange them to swimsuit your team’s taking part in style. To do this, virtually go to Settings and then to Quick Chat. Here you will be capable to delete the messages you don’t desire to use, and put in choice messages instead. It’s fairly useful. However, you can’t write your personal messages, so you’ll have to make do with the picks furnished by using PUBG Mobile. To be fair, there are a bunch of options, so it shouldn’t be too tons of an issue.
  3. Use Headphones to Hear Enemy Footsteps
    Most shooter games, be it CS: GO, Fortnite, or PUBG make use of directional audio that you can leverage to be greater conscious of your enemies’ locations. While the stereo-front-firing audio system on your telephone may also be excellent enough, put on a pair of headphones. This will assist you in now not solely listening to far-off gunfire, however additionally footsteps of an coming near enemy so you’re no longer taken by using surprise. It may no longer sound like much, however it makes a quite large difference.
  4. Survive Inside the Red Zone
    The PUBG map often marks random areas as purple zones. If you locate your self interior one, I’d endorse you get out rapidly or else you’ll locate your self caught in an airstrike of kind that will most probable kill you. However, if you’re in a location from the place getting out is now not easy, your nice guess is to get inner a building. This way you’ll be in a position to live on the crimson zone.
  5. Use the Map
    Whether you like taking part in in Miramar, or whether or not you like the foliage in Erangel, if you simply prefer to be a exact player, use the map well. The map is up to date with new safe-zones, and red-zones, so retaining a shut eye on the map can be helpful. The map in PUBG Mobile additionally indicates the course of gunfire, footsteps, and cars which can assist you get to be aware of the place enemies are, and if they’re coming closer to you.
  6. Make the Red Zone Your Strategic Friend
    This isn’t some thing you’ll be capable to do often, however some instances the crimson quarter can without a doubt be a buddy to you. If you’re inner a constructing when the bombs begin dropping, you can do two things:

Make use of the noise to cover up your steps and accumulate any loot mendacity round interior the building.
You’ll most probably see some gamers jogging away, which makes them effortless killings for you. Plus, if you spot a player, you can hazard it and use the cowl of the bombing noise to flank them except them being capable to hear your footsteps over the commotion.

  1. Mute Annoying Team-mates
    Unless you’re taking part in with your friends, the squad mode will frequently pair you up with human beings the place at least one of them is an demanding prick continuously singing and screaming into their mic. With the cutting-edge PUBG Mobile update, you can mute person team-mates by means of tapping on the speaker-icon. This will open up a menu with all your team-mates’ names on it, truely faucet on the speaker icon subsequent to the team-mate you choose to mute and that’s it. Now center of attention on the game.
  2. Hide Inside Vehicles
    Sitting in the co-driver seat of a car maintains it off, permitting you to conceal internal besides alerting different gamers to your presence. They’ll nevertheless be capable to see you, however except you parked your automobile in the center of the desert, there’s no purpose for most gamers to suspect that a participant may additionally be sitting inner a automobile and now not using it.
  3. Look Around besides Moving
    You can disguise in the back of corners and use the ‘eye-button’ to seem to be round the nook besides exposing yourself. This is a on hand trick that can assist you spot enemies except letting them spot you.
  4. Heal Like a Pro
    While healing, you can go for 0.5 seconds besides cancelling the action. When in a hurry, begin transferring when there’s 0.5 seconds of the heal left, giving you a headstart. This comes in accessible when the circle is closing up at the back of you and you want to run quickly, or when you’re taking a quick healing-break in the midst of a firefight.
  5. Use Energy Drinks and Painkillers
    Energy drinks and painkillers auto-heal you for a period of time, and additionally supply you a speed-boost, so use them regularly and as needed. Most recuperation gear like bandages and fitness packs won’t heal you previous 75%. Only the med-kit can heal you up to a hundred percent and that’s very rare. Energy drinks and painkillers take their time to heal you, however they’ll take you up to a hundred percent so make positive you use them often.
  6. Don’t Stay Still, You’ll be a Sitting Duck
    Staying nevertheless too lengthy will make you handy pickings for a sniper; continually maintain moving, and take cowl on every occasion you want to stop. The battleground in PUBG usually has a bunch of gamers with snipers, and a lot of these gamers are suitable sufficient to take you out with a single head-shot. So maintain moving.

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