The Warframe Lore You Absolutely Need To Know

Warframe takes area in the Tau device at some factor in the far, a ways future, when Earth is caught in a area war. The Tau machine does now not have superior travel, and humanity is almost extinct. There was once a civilization referred to as the Orokin, who had especially superior science and some very stunning white and gold aesthetics. The Orokin empire fell in some thing known as the Old War.

After finishing the tutorial and doing some missions, a personality known as the Lotus starts offevolved to direct the relaxation of the game. The Lotus is mysterious, however that’s through design. You are a member of the Tenno, an Orokin warrior caste. You’ve reclaimed your ship and AI from the technology of the Old War, and now the Lotus is making an attempt to manage the galaxy by using sending you on precision strikes.

You can’t have a shooter barring enemies to shoot. Warframe has three foremost enemy factions, and it can be puzzling to preserve song of who they are and why you’re in their territory. Not solely do these factions have exceptional lore backgrounds, however they have special stage layouts, enemy design, hacking minigames, and more.

The Grineer have been augmented with Orokin technological know-how and had been section of the empire, however they had been now not the ruling class. They are dominated by way of the “Twin Queens”, and are augmented with Orokin tech. That tech is breaking down, and so the Grineer count on rapid fixes, technological augments, and cloning.

Grineer tiers have loads of tanky enemies with huge guns. Their safety tends to be lighter and much less sophisticated, however the enemies are meat walls. Their hacking minigame is a rhythm and reflex puzzle, the place gamers want to hit the immediate as a cursor strikes over every node.

Warframe – a shot of the Grineer hacking minigame
A Grineer hacking minigame Image: Digital Extremes by means of Polygon
The Corpus declare to be descended from the Orokin and are a corporate, high-tech faction. They are ultra-capitalist and are looking for Orokin tech for profit, the usage of state-of-the-art technological know-how and effective machines of struggle are to gas an empire of war. When Warframe begins, they are on the lower back foot in their struggle in opposition to the Grineer, however they are nonetheless a principal antagonist.

The Corpus have enemies that are in my opinion weaker than the Grineer, however they have extra equipment at their disposal. Make positive you damage Corpus drones, which regularly observe foot troopers around, and watch for traps induced by means of cameras and sensors in Corpus levels.

The Corpus’s hacking minigame is a pathing good judgment puzzle. Once all of the strains connect, the hack is complete.

Warframe – a shot of the Corpus hacking minigame.

A Corpus hacking minigame Image: Digital Extremes by using Polygon
The Infestation is the 0.33 faction. In the lore, these guys are in reality like the Zerg from StarCraft. They’re a senseless mass of monsters. There’s greater lore to them, however it’s explicitly spelled out in the story farther down the line, so for now, don’t fear about it. Infested enemies can be modified Corpus or Grineer, in addition to their very own gallery of units. Infested gadgets drain strength and swarm the player, so you’ll favor to center of attention massive ambitions and run and gun the smaller creatures. They’re additionally prone to fire.

In our Warframe beginner’s guide, we mentioned your pinnacle priorities: finishing blue diamond missions on your world map, working thru paths to the junctions that join planets, and preserving an eye on your quest log.

All of these steps will assist you with your increased progression. But what dreams must you be aiming for? And what does that even seem like? Let’s go over some of the fundamentals of what Warframe growth appears like.

The Operator is you, the player. Your man or woman Warframes are the fits that you use on missions. Warframes are someplace in between a MOBA champion you select for one round, and a MMORPG persona that is a big investment.

Warframe isn’t a loot shooter like Borderlands three or Destiny two Instead, you slowly free up Blueprints and fundamental assets over time. A Blueprint will enable you to create the chassis for a new Warframe, a new weapon, or a robotic partner to assist in combat. Building these gadgets can take days at your Foundry. Do now not spend Platinum on quicker unlocks. Just follow a little patience.

While some improvements and sources come quickly, others are a bit of a grind. Getting the whole lot you want for a new Warframe or weapon would possibly take a day or two of taking part in naturally or a few hours of grinding. Then, it’ll take a lengthy time — 12 hours to three days or so — to build.

This isn’t a sport about immediately gratification. Just center of attention on person missions first.


You’ve started out with one of three Warframes: Mag, Volt, and Excalibur. You additionally have a melee weapon, secondary weapon, and most important weapon. One of the principal methods to spend time in Warframe is unlocking and equipping new items.

Each Warframe has a special set of one passive and 4 lively abilities. These capabilities liberate as you stage up your Warframe. Make positive you’re the usage of them regularly. You can take a look at your Warframe’s particular skills from the in-game menu or the Armory for greater records about how they work. If you’re now not taking part in your Warframe’s abilities, that’s OK. You’ll be in a position to change soon. For now, simply run and gun.

Each weapon is special as well, with a number of records and properties. Some of them will be locked in the back of Mastery Rank, which is your account-wide growth bar based totally on accomplished content material and leveled items. Others will require a Dojo (a social and crafting hub for by way of a team of players), or substances you don’t recognize. Don’t fear — there’s plenty of early stuff for you to focal point on earlier than you dig into these at the start difficult things.

Go to your Armory, and then to the weapon slot you choose to upgrade. Hit Equip, and it will convey you to a listing of each weapon in the game. You can purchase a few with credit outright if you like, however others price Platinum. You can nonetheless get them for in-game credits! Click the weapon twice, which will take you to a new display screen the place you can buy the Blueprint.

Warframe – a shot of the object important points screen

Once you have the Blueprint, it will be saved at your Foundry. Here, we went to the essential weapon category. Oh! Hey, we have the whole thing we want for a new Gorgon!

Digital Extremes by Polygon

If you don’t be aware of the place to locate a unique resource, the first-class location to search is the Warframe wiki, which will inform you the place to go. If you can’t get there yet, simply proceed hitting these blue diamonds and unlocking junctions.

As for Warframes, a few early bosses will drop the portions you want to construct them. A suitable first Warframe to construct is Rhino, which drops from the Assassination mission to kill Jackal on Fossa, Venus. Everything you want for Rhino comes from this one boss fight, so it’s the ideal way to construct your first new Warframe.

This records ought to assist hold you on the early development path. As you work your way via Mercury, Earth, and Venus, simply maintain an eye on what drops and your reachable Blueprints. Your beginning equipment will keep up simply fine, though, so don’t be afraid to prioritize simply finishing missions and putting smaller goals.

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