Tips on how to maximize your graphical performance

Your new gaming rig is searching terrific and you are geared up to put it to properly use. There’s solely one problem, you’re staring at a clean reproduction of Windows with no video games in sight!

Here are some downloading suggestions for the PC gamer:
Download Steam: Steam is the closing on line gaming platform and is broadly acknowledged in the PC gaming community. With Steam, you can browse their large library and discover simply the GabeN, I mean, the sport that you have been searching for.

Don’t rush: It may additionally be tempting to load up on all the video games however sluggish down! One of the excellent matters about PC video games is the sales. You will frequently locate Steam income somewhere from 15-80% off. If you don’t graph on enjoying it proper away, add the recreation to your wishlist and be patient.

You will then be notified if it goes on sale. You can additionally test Humble Bundle for offers as well. It’s any other website online that approves you to keep via bundling.

Prepare for a large library: There are pretty a few jokes about lonely PC video games in your sport library and you’ll quickly apprehend why. As your series expands, it’s vital to preserve the installations geared up so you don’t devour up your storage space. Be certain to configure your set up path. You can research extra about this through checking out steam aid on how to deploy video games in extraordinary locations.


You’ve hooked up your video games however you can’t appear to discover your friends. Now what? Try shouting their identify truely loud? Nope, that didn’t work. We are simply teasing. We be aware of precisely how to discover them however we desired to revel in the thinking of you screaming all via your lonesome.

Here are some pointers on how to hyperlink up with ancient buddies or make new ones:
Add buddies on Steam: Steam isn’t solely for downloading games. You can additionally locate and add pals to your pal list. Steam additionally offers you the alternative to be a part of a community and be phase of a team so you can make new friends. Just add their username and you are proper to go. PC Gamer Steam Community Group, anyone?
Download Discord: Discord is an all-in-one voice and textual content for gamers. It permits you to join with quite a few human beings and discover others who have comparable interests. You can even down load an app for your telephone so you can remain linked on the go. Best of all, it’s FREE! In fact, as soon as you’ve set up it, come be part of our NZXT Discord and say hello to the team. We promise we won’t name you a PC N00b.

Attend meetups IRL: The PC gaming neighborhood is all about connecting with every different on a degree that’s like no other. Not solely will you make buddies online, however you might also quit up assembly them in actual life. There are a number of conventions and activities that assist make this happen, such as TwitchCon. Arrange a meetup and thank your healer in person. Healers want all the love they can get.


If you’ve come from console gaming, you’re in for a treat. PC gaming lets in you to tweak your graphical settings to obtain a ideal stability between pix and performance. Gone are the days of accepting 30-60 FPS with confined options.

Here are some guidelines on how to maximize your graphical performance:
Play round in-game: You don’t have to settle for the default settings. Play round with the pix menu in sport and be amazed at how many sliders are handy at your disposal. Mess with all the settings and discover out what works first-class for your setup. Altering your pics to supply the pleasant journey is one of the first-rate matters about PC gaming. Consoles, devour your coronary heart out.

Download Nvidia and AMD software: Depending on your photos card, you can both down load Nvidia GeForce Experience or AMD Radeon Adrenalin. Both of these packages will assist you configure your PC hardware with the nice settings to reap the first-rate performance. You can additionally tweak sport settings and even circulation or document your gameplay.

Download monitoring software: As the PCMR announcing goes, “may our framerates be excessive and our temperatures low.” But how do we be aware of if our body prices are excessive and our temps are low? That’s easy, we down load monitoring software program that helps us get a higher view of how our hardware is doing and whether or not it’s performing as expected. Our suggestion: down load CAM to test your PC. It offers you with these two elements plus a bunch of different useful statistics about your PC. Other choices are Fraps and HWmonitor.


With magnificent electricity (gaming power, that is) comes extraordinary responsibility. PCs ought to be saved up to date and it’s up to you to make that happen. Be positive to supply your PC that TLC to lengthen the lifestyles of your hardware and proceed smashing these video games at 100+ FPS.

Here are some guidelines on how to maintain your PC clean:
Keep your drivers up to date: It’s necessary to preserve your drivers up to date to get the quality overall performance out of your hardware. This is specially real with your photos driver. This receives up to date frequently and will typically consist of a restore to a overall performance difficulty that can end result in higher FPS. Remember the GeForce Experience and Radeon Adrenalin software program we advised you to down load in step 3?

Both of these packages can additionally assist you maintain your photographs driver robotically up to date.

Install Windows updates: Arguably one of the most worrying components of PC preservation however it’s a crucial evil. These updates assist preserve your gadget blanketed from malicious attacks. and regularly supply fundamental updates to maintain your gadget strolling smooth. Be organized to shut your PC down solely to be interrupted by way of the inevitable “installing updates” screen.

Dust your PC: Literally. No seriously, go purchase a 12 pack of canned air and stash it away so you’ll continually have some available. Dust is the silent killer to PC aspects and it’s your job to stop this assassin from getting its soiled fingers all over your treasured PC components. Don’t let these dirt bunnies kill that $500-$1000 GPU that you’ve spent your challenging earned cash on.


(Fun Fact: This was once my ancient gaming setup earlier than I joined NZXT. I was once nonetheless rockin’ that pink though!)
PC gaming isn’t solely about have a effective rig, it’s additionally about the different tremendous gaming peripherals and gaming video display units and at your disposal. It’s an remarkable time to get into PC gaming and there are numerous alternatives out there that push the boundaries of performance, functionality, and style.

Buy a new gaming monitor: Playing on a quickly gaming PC whilst the usage of a sluggish display is like proudly owning a Ferrari and by no means being capable to power quicker than the pace limit. (Not that we motivate that!) It’s necessary to seem into buying a screen with a excessive refresh fee to take full gain of your gaming PCs speed. You can locate video display units with 120+ Hz refresh fee which will enable you to trip your video games in full motion. You can additionally locate video display units with low response instances (1-5ms) and IPS panels for the nice coloration accuracy.

Get some gaming peripherals: Don’t use that ancient keyboard and mouse from 1995, get your self a gaming keyboard, mouse, mousepad, and headset. There are numerous choices out there and it all comes down to non-public preference. Take a seem round and locate the peripherals that first-rate go well with your fashion and needs. If you choose to purchase them one at a time, begin with a mechanical keyboard. That clickity clack feeling will alternate your existence and some human beings even swear that it helps them function higher when gaming.

Use a controller: This is the solely time we will inform you that your console will come in handy. Even then, it’s now not the console we want, it’s the controller. Grab that Xbox controller and join it to the PC. Feel free to then use the console itself as a footrest whilst you proceed to sport on the solely platform that will enable you to revel in a deeper, extra immersive gaming experience. Too lots console bashing in one section? Sorry, we digress. Jokes aside, some video games simply play higher with a controller. (We’re searching at you, Dark Souls.) Luckily for us PC gamers, we can nevertheless use them if we want.

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