What is Seedr.cc & How to use it

Hello Friends, Today I will share you with the Best possible way of downloading/Streaming Torrent Files with stable and high speed. Go Seedr.cc

Before that, I will give some basic Intro about “How Torrent Actually Works?!”

Torrent is a file-sharing community, so it’s actually a give and take.

Remember the time you go to your ISP(Internet Service Provider) and see for the internet speed plans. The plan contains 2 speeds

Seedr is a useful tool with some potential, but there are better options. You can have a look at who “won” the Gold, who claimed the Silver place for them, and who shines with Bronze.

Seedr is a cloud downloader that downloads torrents for you and works without any installation of any software. Seedr works rather in your browser, and it is accessible on almost all display sizes, but unusual sizes of monitors can hurt your experience since the responsive elements of Seedr design are not flexible enough to deal with it. You can fix their issue with changing size of your browser window to more casual size which will bring order to elements on the main page. It is important to do it quickly because, upon successful registration, the page welcomes you by a tutorial that suffers most of these resize problem.

Visit to Seeder.cc

I prefer Seedr.cc because it lets you store files as large as 2GB while most other services set the limit to 1GB. It works flawlessly on mobile devices and there is no limitation as to how many files you store as long as they don’t go over 2GB. If you create an account, you’ll get an additional 3GB of storage space.

How to insert a torrent

Adding torrent is possible via few methods. You can use magnet links or links that point to the .torrent file. And if you have the .torrent file downloaded to your computer, you can upload it to Seedr, to download your content. Currently, you can not use info hashes for starting your download. After adding your torrent file to Seedr queue, the fetching phase will begin. By the nature of internet torrent downloaders, your fetching is done entirely on different IP than yours. Fetching is useful if you worry about your privacy, or you are IP tracked by the third parties like your government or boss because your IP won’t be shown during downloading at all.

First, the request for fetching happens, and then you are provided with a direct link which leads to your file. In legal terms, you are clear of any torrent activity, and you are never part of it. Speed of fetching is a variable, that depends on a few key factors. Thanks to the nature of torrenting, downloads are faster, if others downloaded as well. These others are called seeders, and the act, when they “share” parts of information back and forth, is called seeding. These seeds are the real key factor, that you, as the end user, can influence by downloading files with a high amount of them.

All about the speed

Fetching speed was tested on various files with different numbers of seeds available at the time of downloading. The data with more than 200 seeds had an average download speed with its maximum in 1 MB per second, which is excellent, and it is enough to download a movie file in a couple of minutes. If you use a file with less number of seeds, your speed will be lower, and using only ten seeds will lead to rate around 200 KB per second. 

And then, there is a downloading to your computer, which depends on the route your file must take, to get into your device. This route can be explained as train rails, which sometimes need to change tracks on stations (nodes). The number of changes multiplies at how hard it is to download your file. Seedrs download speed will be in most cases an average one, but in some instances (which have a harder route from server to computer) like New Zealand or East Asia, you will experience serious drop downs, which will make your downloading slower. It is important to use a downloading manager if you want to download a larger file (above 500 MB and higher) to experience minimum issues.

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